These are a list of Rocket Power fanon episodes. Each season contains 26 episodes. A total of 52 episodes were produced spanning 2 seasons.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release
Season premiere Season finale
1 26
2 26

Season 1Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1a A Time To Climb Ray gives the kids a crash course in rock climbing, so they can get ready to tackle Super Slab, the steepest rock in Ocean Shores! After Twister teases Sam about not being able to climb, Sam comes up with a plan to prove him wrong.
1b Avalanche Trail Things get totally wild when Otto convinces Twister to film him riding down the most dangerous trail on the mountain. It's not long before the two find themselves in the way of a landslide that takes Twister with it! Can Otto rescue his friend?
2a Reggie's Secret Admirer Reggie finds out she is going to be a judge in the Mt. Shiver Freestyle Skiing Competition -- on the same day a mysterious boy takes an interest in her! Could this be her good luck, or does Reggie's secret admirer have a secret of his own?
2b Chasing Dad Otto and Reggie are worried. For the past week their dad has been leaving home early and coming back late -- and he's even skipped work! Is Ray in trouble? Is someone after him?
3a Double Trouble Otto thinks he's got a shot at winning the Madtown Skateboard Championship. But will a family emergency make his chances for winning a trophy slim to none? Then in a second story, when Reggie pool-sits, she thinks she has everything under control. That is until everything goes down the drain!
3b Twister's Big Break Twister loves to make extreme-sports movies. So when he's asked to create a movie for Speed Demon Super Scooters, he hopes it's his chance to become famous! Will Twister really be jettin' his way to Hollywood?
4a The Big Sweep The latest Iceman hockey stick is out, and Otto wants one -- but he doesn't have enough money. Then Lars challenges Otto to a street hockey match with his new Iceman stick! What will Otto do?
4b Board Games Otto has a new snowboard that totally rocks, and he's sure he'll win the Winterfest Snowboard Slalom competition with it. But then Twister borrows it without asking Otto -- and breaks it! Afraid to fess up to his best friend, Twister comes up with a cover-up plan. Will it work? Or will Otto face the biggest beef of his life?
5a Scavenger Hunt It's the day of the Ocean Shores Scavenger Hunt, and Reggie, Otto, Twister, and Sam are eager to compete. But with Lars, Pi, and Sputz on the opposing team, they've got to work twice as fast to win the trophy. Will their Rocket resourcefulness help them beat the cheaters?
5b Watch Out Otto! Otto has a bad cold, and his dad has ordered him to stay home. But Otto has plans to ride in a bike race. What will he do?
6a Surf's Up! Otto finds the monster waves of a huge storm too tempting to pass up. But is he in over his head?
6b Caught on Cover Otto is asked to be on the cover of a magazine.
7a He's The Hero
7b Cost of Cool Reggie can't believe it. The Scrunchies, the most popular girls in Ocean Shores, want her to join their in-line skating team! Reggie has no problems with the skating test, but when the girls want her to do something she feels is wrong, what is she going to do?
8a Sky Scare Sam's friends help him to take a huge leap and face his biggest fear.
8b Hit the Streets The Rocket gang has discovered a brand-new sport -- street luge! Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam team up to celebrate the town's most radical new sport by organizing Ocean Shores' first street luge event. After Otto heads out for a test run on the track, Reggie learns that he's actually on a collision course with a street-cleaning truck! Can Reggie make it to the track before Otto is toast?
9a Wild River Adventure Otto and Reggie and their friends are ready for a ride down Wild River. But who -- or what -- is that strange-looking thing in the woods? Could it really be Big Toe, the big, scary monster that everyone talks about?
9b Twister's Surf Wipe-Out During a surfing session, when Twister wipes out, he loses his swim trunks in the process. Not wanting to get out of the water embarrassed without anything on, he stays n the water until somebody could find him a spare swimsuit. Along the way, he meets up with an old friend, Bruce the Seal, and Twister begins to impersonate a sea lion, by barking like one and balancing a ball on his nose. Meanwhile, Reggie has been promoted as lifeguard for a day.

Season 2Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
27 Space Quake
52a No Wimpings the Fish
52b Thanks Goodbye Series finale