The Factors' Factory is an American Hailarious sitcom that was voted by FanonChannel's voters. This series was created by Kristoff105 and Klone200. This series first premiered on October 4, 2013 and now has 10 episodes and this series only airs on Sundays. Characters are Gene, Toby, Todd, Margret, Susan, and Bob (Parents)

Gene: Gene is an A student and a very nice and calm person and doesn't break the rules, but when she has to, she'll do it.

Toby: Toby is a D student and he is mischievous everywhere he goes, and always have a plan to hinder Gene.

Todd: Todd is the little brother in the family, he's in third grade and likes to be just like Toby, just in a young way.

Margret: Margret is the little sister in the family she acts both like Gene and Toby, but always hang out with her mom.

Susan: Susan is a mother of four children. She is nice and calm and always likes to hang out with her kids, but always like to get in their personal buisness at school.

Bob: Bob is a lazy husband who likes to watch football. He loves to give Gene awards for being a good teenager, but gives Toby a card that has 5 dollars on it.

Other CharactersEdit

Zane: Zane is Toby's best friend in the whole world, they hang out together in the halls at school. Zane has a huge crush on Gene, but Gene thinks they will never date.

Riley: Riley is Gene's best friend in the whole world. Riley is just like Gene and Riley has everything in common with Gene. Riley would never leave Gene's side

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