Twister's Surf Wipe-Out is a fanmade Rocket Power episode about what happens when Twister loses his swimsuit in a surfing incident.

Plot Edit

During a surfing session, when Twister wipes out, he loses his swim trunks in the process. Not wanting to get out of the water embarrassed without anything on, he stays n the water until somebody could find him a spare swimsuit. Along the way, he meets up with an old friend, Bruce the Seal, and Twister begins to impersonate a sea lion, by barking like one and balancing a ball on his nose. Meanwhile, Reggie has been promoted as lifeguard for a day. Near the end, Reggie finds Twister's trunks and retrieves them to him.

Cast Edit

Major Edit

  • Twister Rodriguez
  • Reggie Rocket
  • Bruce the Seal

Minor Edit

  • Otto Rocket
  • Sam

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Rocket Power episode in which a character becomes nude, but only by accident.
  • Throughout the episode, Reggie wears her usual green bikini, but with a silver whistle around her neck.